16 Celebrity Photos That Almost Broke the Internet25 Comments

By admin
Posted on 21 Feb 2015 at 11:31am

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You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, but in today’s world, a picture can be worth a million likes or shares. We are counting down the 16 best photos shared by your favorite celebrities that “broke” the internet in both good and bad ways.

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  1. Katie Mitchell

    Nick jonas needs to upload more shirtless photos of himself but if miley
    cyrus uploads topless photos she’s judged and called a slut?? 

  2. Amy McClintock

    I only clicked this video because I thought the drawing was of Jason and
    piper, from heroes of Olympus. I thought my people had nearly broken the
    internet and I felt so proud. #jiper4eva 

  3. LovelyLeeAnn

    6:56 The dude commenting “ass” one hundred times though. 

  4. Cyarin

    Unlike the huge amounts of money most of the celebrities featured in this
    video make; my friend doesn’t.
    She is a hard working student and artist, and drew that illustration of
    This video includes her art without her permission and it’s honestly just
    really sad to see that happen.
    You cannot make money off her hard work, seeing you also used it to get
    views by including it in your thumbnail.

    The artist can be found at http://www.instagram.com/itslopezz

  5. Moha Med

    *Why, Just what tha fuck is wrong with this world, why every thing has
    become related to sexual things*

  6. Skadi the Beast

    Broke the internet so hard that I have ever seen only two of them…

  7. Caedeus Cadavera

    Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are married? Let’s just hope two wrongs will
    make a right…

  8. XxCandyJamxX


  9. BrickMachines

    who searched the guy that wrote ass on kims pic on instagram?

  10. Kaitlin Heng

    why is justin the king of instagram ?

  11. Emma Irwin


  12. Kowkolyte

    Actually I thought it was Finnick&Annie from the hunger games before they
    showed it is Justin and belieber :D

  13. OrbitalVelocity

    oh no hate on the mom trying to breast feed her daughter while working
    trying to maintain her. Please banish this women from the continent.

  14. fiorella michelis

    tbh wish this video was recent bc ZAYNS SELFIE AM I RIGHT LADIES

  15. Heaven Paris

    Rihanna’s Instagram got deleted . She didn’t delete it. 

  16. Mosinlogan

    Omg breastfeeding. So unnatural and gross.

    -.- some people are retarded. 

  17. Emma Kelly

    Celebrities must hate you. You are so mean sometimes!! You are the “media”
    everyone talks about.

  18. Hauata jepsen

    lol that Nick Jonas was obviously fake or does he just have a natural white
    gradient around his head and underwear

  19. Kerry Ward

    NO ONE gives a shit bout kim k, kanye, miley, justin b any more, just
    fucking idiots who just need to disapear !

  20. ShadowCakeGames

    at the Kim K pic she says 1.11 million likes but it says 1.12

  21. Rusty Nugget

    hahahaha 50k likes in break the internet category? clevver news is so
    fucking autistic 

  22. Youtuber

    0:07 the guy commenting “gay” got me

  23. Keely Heusinkveld

    Nick Jonas needs more shirtless #selfies and Miley Cyrus doesn’t surprise
    me but she does get judge 

  24. ╰☆╮xxsnowflakexx123455AJ╰☆╮

    For a sec i thought the cartoon of jb and dat girl was Mariza and Pewdiepie
    o.o im sorry xD

  25. Geen naam

    Fuck off with that finger, your not a black girl

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