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The come up is epic…definitely in rap circles. For Bay Area standout G-Eazy, he’s experienced a bump in profile since dropping his official debut album These Things Happen in 2014. On album number two, When It’s Dark Out, Eazy takes another step forward. What better way than to jump into When It’s Dark Out by dissection through takeaways? Here goes nothing! 

1) Confidence is G-Eazy’s middle name.

To call G-Eazy humble would be a dramatic overstatement. Perhaps he is, personally speaking, but his music doesn’t convey that sentiment. On “Random” he elevates himself on the pedestal as a sex god or something like that (“Understand to these female fans, I’m sex”). Look no further than a title like “Me, Myself & I” and this dude knows he’s the shh… He continues to flaunt his confidence and swag on “Of All Things” spitting, “On my way if you like it or not / I’m looking at the top, I’m just eyeing the spot.”

2) G-Eazy refers to himself in the third person… 

Yes – you read the aforementioned heading right. G-Eazy sometimes refers to himself in third person throughout the course of When It’s Dark Out. The best example of this is on “Sad Boy,” where he introspects on the hook: “Gerald, what you so sad for? Why the hell you got the blues…Gerald what you so sad for? Man stop acting like a b***h. 

3) Sex is a prevalent topic. Understatement.  

G-Eazy clearly enjoys sex given it’s prevalent throughout the course of When It’s Dark Out. On “Random,” he references both ménage à trois and strippers (“Two girls that’s a tandem / she gon’ do it for me when them bands comes”). On “One of Them,” he sees “them bad b*****s, got tons of them.” On “Of All Things,” he’s quite descriptive: “Now I got these A list chicks, all in my jeans / five-eight and she only weighs a hundred and twenty / skinny, but she’s got an a** the conundrum is funny.” Eazy later confidently adds, “When your girl needs D then she calls the celly.”

‘Course, there’s more. “Order More” finds G-Eazy turning a good girl bad (“She said she’s a good girl she don’t do this much she celibate…then I f**k her so damn good, swear I invented it.” On “Some Kind of Drug the dude’s clearly, um, horny – “Since the last time we had sex, honestly, I’ve been a mess…I love the way your dress just slips right off your waist, right down your…” – get the picture?

4) He tosses in a few drug references…

Don’t get it twisted – G-Eazy is no Future – at least in regards to the prevalence of drugs in his music. Still, G-Eazy tosses in a few drug references throughout the album. On “Me, Myself & I” he alludes to it, spitting, “Everyone knows how this lifestyle is dangerous / but I love it the rush is amazing / celebrate nightly and everyone rages.” He also specifically mentions “swimming in liquor, my liver is muddy / but it’s all good I’m still sippin’ this bubbly.”   

“Order More” is the best example of excess. First of all G-Eazy sounds faded – the desired effect of the song. “We do this almost every night can never quit,” he raps on his first verse, “I just did some molly for the hell of it / I’m hyphy and I’m drunk, I’m doin’ hella s**t.” Later, he claims to be “off drugs and a bunch of shots.” In other words, he’s wasted to the nth degree. “Some Kind of Drug” is about sex, but he does liken his infatuation to drug addiction, a popular cliché in pop music.

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