1. Alpatriod

    I don’t know about you but if I was the manager at that coffee shop I would
    fuck that soy ass whole up 

  2. Mercer Maddox

    poor Brad he sang his heart out to only be told he sucks and the only good
    sound was the ending was to die for

  3. James Gegner

    RIP Little Jimmy Dickens (1920-2015).

  4. sammisox

    Over a decade later and this song is still extremely relevant 

  5. Meera Nadathur

    Is this song about Kim Kardashian?

  6. Tony Galoppe

    Just came to watch this video after hearing of the passing of Little Jimmy
    Dickens. All 4′ 11″ but he still gets the girl. RIP Little Jimmy. You were
    1 in a million.

  7. neringaCD

    hahahaha this is so funny

  8. Amy Cetera

    Buenísimo!! Me encantó!!

  9. saik0pod

    I love Brad because he is a Trekkie like me!

  10. Genevieve Cottrill

    R.I. P Little Jimmy Dinkins. May God be with his Family, Friends and fans
    today and always. 

  11. andy smith

    Forgot how much i love this song and video.

  12. Eddie Page

    Paisley is underrated as a song writer

  13. Brian Workman

    This video is awesome! #BradPaisley 

  14. TheJerich123

    Hahahahah.. Laughed soo much XD

  15. Heuzier Daddee

    Shatner is amazing hahaha.

  16. Mike Bolyard

    when i heard the guy tword the end of the song say the like when the song
    ended i was like “What’s wrong with him!? THIS IS A REALLY GOOD SONG!”

  17. Matthew Blank

    I SAID A SOY LATTE! lmao

  18. Ben Wilner

    We will miss Little Jimmy Dickens RIP

  19. Mike Pruitt

    My daughter had a blast in Brads video, god she’s grown since then…Love
    ya Billi!!

  20. Zulma Meza

    Brad Paisley-Celebrity C.2003

  21. Krissy Connors

    R.i.p little jimmy dickens ♡

  22. Joshua Warren

    Haha!! I love Jason Alexander!!

  23. Jeralynn Eaves

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    damned future financial possibilities your religion your fucking neon
    carpel and every other high class affiliate and unless your need more legal
    info to entertain you croud a get the fick out -

  24. defectiveillusions

    It’d be so awesome to get that sort of celebrity where I work. Because then
    I’d get to kick them out – and kicking out self entitled assholes makes my

  25. Margo Belle-Fleur

    Hilarious! Both song and video made my day :)

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