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Posted on 11 Jun 2015 at 4:31am

Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jennerplastic surgeons are proud of the work they’ve done.

Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeons Dr. Gary Alter and Dr. Harrison Lee have spoken about their help with Jenner’s physical transition from man to woman, and the two — along with Jenner — are happy with the results.

“She’s extremely happy with the results, and we are too,” Alter told the New York Daily News. “I thought she looked absolutely beautiful,” he added, speaking of Jenner’s Vanity Fair magazine cover, which rocked the world last week. “She’s extremely pleased with her transition. She’s getting along with her life in the manner that she’s always dreamed.”

Alter did some of the work on Jenner’s body, while Lee is credited with doing the 10-hour-long facial feminization surgery.

“We knew it would be a long procedure and everything was planned ahead of time,” he says, “and we’re very fortunate that everything has gone very well… She healed fabulously. She was a very quick healer.”

Lee added that he was a little nervous about the surgery because of the impact it would have due to the fame of his patient.

“I entered (the surgery) with some trepidation of course,” he said. “I figured it was gonna be very challenging because of her celebrity status and the fact that she’s going to finally expose herself for (who) she is, and it’ll be one of the most judged faces on the planet.”

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