1. skydreamer

    Learn from Miss Katie H. The legendary Katie. This is real English and not
    Perez. And I love how he can’t beat her. Yes Miss Katie H. I can’t get
    enough of u. 

  2. HowDoYouSpellDummb

    Haha Callum you Fuckhead! You got called out by Katie P.! You know you put
    her down for talking about her exes and family when she put you up for
    nomination and now she nominated you again! What you say? Yawn!

  3. Jordan O'Brien

    I love how anytime Hopkins talks behind someone’s back there does me loads
    of people commenting here , yet today we seen Perez do it multiple times
    and I have yet to see just one comment regarding it , goes to show the
    differences in Perez fans and Hopkins fans .

  4. coco o neill

    Katie Price,s SON Harvey – is a special needs child – Katie does pay for
    her other children’s education However HARVEY TAXI as some people seem to
    think is NOT a normal taxi he is provided with a car special needs nurse
    the journey is 60 miles away from home the reason Harvey Has to travel SO
    far away is because there are NO special needs school’s nearer to Katie
    Please give the woman a break here – for goodness sake ! 

  5. Bliss44

    Why does Cami always have to look so shocked when she finds out someone
    nominated her? Does she think she is exempt from noms? Silly woman.

  6. Tammy McMillan

    I can’t believe all the backstabber assholes who nominated Keith! How low
    can you be? I love how others want Perez to go because of his antics, but
    love Katie H.’s behavior when she gets her rocks off by degrading &
    demeaning others. I don’t get people’s problems with Nadia either. What has
    the woman done? Cami seems to have calmed down. Can’t stand Kavanah, Calum,
    Cali or Katie H. Michelle was on my shit list until she started calming
    down too & stopped kissing Katie H.’s butt.

  7. Marissa Turner

    It’s funny how people are saying that Michelle is fake. To me, she is
    exactly how I’ve seen her on RPDR and every video I’ve seen her in.
    Unfortunately she isn’t able to show as much of herself because of the
    bickering between Perez and Katie being shown for 99% of each episode. Like
    her or not, she’s doing pretty damn good. She has won every 4/5 of the
    online polls (less than 1% behind Katie H on 1). And I’m pretty sure that
    this is the 2nd or 3rd time she has gotten no nominations. Way more people
    love her than hate her.

  8. IpodMute


  9. Kelly Cat

    Anyone notice how quiet Cami has become since she heard the public booing

  10. Claddagh Clad

    Katie H Bs monkey. Shes a shambles, her behavior is a complete and utter
    act. He need for attention is sickening.

  11. Curtis Jensen

    Katie is not owning that the things she says about people are FILLED with
    negative judgement. She has no compassion or empathy. Perez’s antics are
    dumb and irritating but they don’t come froma place of judgement of
    meanness. Even when he does little taunting things like sticking his
    tongue out it’s always defensive in reaction to someone being unkind to
    him, Katie thrives on her meanness and self righteousness. Her confession
    that she knows “the little things you could do to individuals to kind of
    trip them up and trip them over throughout the day” said it all, it was
    the most revelatory thing about herself she’s said. 

  12. batlizard37

    get michelle out ! get michelle out !

  13. sisterlouise

    “People call it a game right up until the point when they feel offended and
    suddenly it appears a bit like life or death.” Thank fuck someone finally
    said it. I notice that every single year. People say it’s just a game, but
    when they’re upset with someone it’s like, “They’re just playing a game.
    They came here to win. They don’t care about us, they care about the
    money.” Yeah duh.

  14. heliocentric68

    so michelle says its not her job to call out katie h if she says something
    bad…yet michelle and katie think nadia should do exactly that with
    perez???…double standards

  15. Dee_V

    Katie P. spoke the truth about Katie H. <33333 Feisty Pricey

  16. Eldyn C

    Keith is boring, send him home.

  17. XamoebabrainX

    I’m thoroughly concerned that Katie Hopkins dislikes women. Her constant
    self-validation mantra continuously returns to her presenting herself as
    male. She has some idealistic complex that completely dismisses women

  18. PricilaGarcia

    Michelle is so fake am i the only one who sees it?

  19. Wotan World

    May Katie Price please fuck off! Thank you very much.

    Katie Hopkins is brilliant as ever. Calum is great too..
    Keith is a weak character, barely existent, crying because of a nomination

  20. BytheRiv9

    Michelle is saying Katie H can say whatever insults she wants and it’s not
    her job to tell her not to. But she CAN tell Katie P to not talk about her
    ex’s? ok;/

  21. Dalove Lee

    Katie H. is absolutely the best. It is ironic how hypocritical the
    housemates are..’Oh she’s two face and talks behind my back’..they say YET
    they are ALL doing the same thing..And they are blind to their own self
    righteousness. Why are they so anti-it’s a game. WTH..did they not see or
    watch this show ever. Who goes into big brother and does not realize it’s
    not a tea party? Katie Price ought to THANK Katie H for the provocation
    that she got from Hopkins. She was dull as dishwater..and maybe on the
    outside she is exciting but were we really suppose to watch 1 month of
    people just having a love fest.

  22. MichelleOo93

    I can’t get enough of Katie Hopkins

  23. zainio 666


  24. Dustin Stone

    Keith or Perez need to go.

  25. sphumi

    I fucking hate Michelle, Cami, Kavana, and Callum. They all vote the same
    way every time. Sheeps following KH.

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