1. keimonte14

    Why is J.Lo & Iggy’s video okay but yet people downgrade and negatively
    decipher Nicki’s Anaconda video ?

  2. Faith Alexandria

    Rihanna can openly walk on a red carpet naked and people still want to see
    her nudes. Lol

  3. jdk37

    The whole hacking thing is just disgusting! I hope they catch whoever is
    doing it and give them the maximum penalty.

  4. MulticolouredShorts

    Shad moss is a grown mans name, when Bow wow grows over the 6ft threshold
    maybe people will start calling him shad 

  5. CoCoMoroney


    But Wendy really, stop bringing it up, you’ve made a career from dissing
    others, so ur audience will do it to you

    Also, where are the male leaked pics? I wanna see Efron’s wee wee

  6. Wallace

    i don’t like the announcer’s new tone for this season: “professional”(?) &
    subdued. this is a high energy, fun show–which is what helped it be
    successful. so, announcer, GET THAT ENERGY BACK!! YAY!! HHHEEEEEEEREEE’S

  7. Shakira T.

    Wasn’t Erica just gay? I can’t with people. Bow wow dumb. She clearly
    looking for a check.

  8. Kolor Meyellow

    Last time I checked Erica Mena was a lesbian.

  9. PinkySaadia

    $580,000 for a huge house like that!??? WTF £580,000 won’t even get you a
    house half that size in London.

  10. fckingkim

    I’m a tech guy and I can tell you, this isn’t an iPhone thing only. People
    who sync their pics say via dropbox are vulnerable too. As a matter of
    fact, if you’ve sent photos over the internet even through WhatsApp, you’re
    vulnerable too. The pictures are stored in the servers of the service
    you’re using and they are duplicated for fault tolerance.

    Usually at least 3 copies will be stored in different servers. If a good
    hack is done to the servers, your pictures will be out there. This time
    it’s happened to iCloud but next time it could be dropbox or gmail etc. 

  11. Callum Gray

    i quit rhonj too. teresa’s victim edit is pathetic. she & her husband are

  12. smithersonjones

    hey dont laugh my 2 nieces are way older than me +Wendy Williams im 45 my
    sister is 69 and i cam along when my dad was 53

  13. the bean

    please say where u got the dress wendy i would love to get one 

  14. Mark Present


  15. HaveYouHeard

    Wendy you are WAAAAY TOO LOOSE! How can you talk about BREAST-IS-IES when
    your DADDY is in the audience. JUST LOOSE! MY GOD!

  16. thomas kisser

    Wendy you are beautiful. It’s sad people always have something to say!

  17. mally suho

    wtf rihanna has one of the best bodies evaaarr i want a booty like that !!!

  18. Jacqueline Ramirez

    I don’t understand how Americans can be obsessed with butts?…Do you use
    the butts for anal sex or do what is it? SMH

  19. RedRebelSummer

    That SugarBear and Junie? split incident just goes to show, No matter where
    you are, who you are, Men cheat. So do women. It sad but its true.
    Commitment to one person for the rest of your life just doesn’t exist any
    more. Not in this day and age. If it does, its extremely rare esp in
    America. Look at all these celebrities running through marriage like its a
    fashion trend. Whats the point of tying the knot, if you are going to
    loosen the damn thing in not even 3 months? And i know these two werent
    married but I kind of like to believe thats where they were going with thst
    ceremony thing. Point being that At this rate Marrige wont mean a damn
    thing in like 10 years. Hell, look at it now…

  20. smdahl

    Does TV now mean TrannyVision?

  21. Carissa99Xo

    Wasn’t there supposed to be something about the Willis kids?

  22. Mich Elle

    No Wendy …. your dress just needs to be a size bigger! 

  23. LilBabe074

    Can someone tell me how many episodes of the Jersey housewives have aired
    so far? Is it just one?? (Imean for this new season)

  24. Melinda Marie

    They knock Nicki Minaj but she is changing the game and making other artist
    get out of character to keep up. Nicki is “birthing these artist & it’s
    starting to show”! #BootyVideo 

  25. Hamza Ziane

    “hackation” oh wendy i love your made up words like this . special ” vote
    by clapation “

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