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Posted on 20 May 2015 at 9:13am

J Lo

Jennifer Lopez made headlines at Sunday’s Billboard Awards for her attire, but now she’s getting some attention for not paying attention during Mariah Carey‘s performance at the show.

TMZ has the report that J Lo completely ignored MiMi during her performance of “Infinity.” Video shows Lopez turning to her phone as soon as Carey came out on stage, and she barely looked up during the performance. Lopez must have thought no one was watching while the house lights were off, but as soon as they came back on, she applauded Carey along with everyone else. 

The video close up over at TMZ appears to show her scrolling through some photos or perhaps a social media timeline. Whatever it was, it was clearly more interesting to Lopez than Carey’s performance.

At the same time, perhaps we should give Lopez a bit of a break. She’s no doubt been to countless award shows before, and has probably seen Mariah and plenty of other artists in the audience perform. Just about everyone opts for a quick peek at their smart phone these days, even during movies or concerts. At the very least, the incident makes for a funny video.

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