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Posted on 29 May 2015 at 7:31pm

JJ and Clint

Just one week into this season of ABC’s The Bachelorette a love connection between Britt Nilsson and contestant Brady Toops has already been forged, albeit behind the cameras, and now it seems another highly unlikely romance has begun.

Nilsson was voted off the show in just the second episode in favor of Kaitlyn Bristowe as part of a new twist to name this season’s lucky lady; and after Nilsson left and the waterworks began back at her hotel, she was chased down by Toops, who had told host Chris Harrison that he felt he had a connecton with her that he didn’t feel with Bristowe (even if Bristowe has already proved it’s pretty easy to get her in the sack). The two are reportedly still dating.

The new romance — or should we say bromance — has risen between two of the guys chasing Kaitlyn, JJ Lane, 32, and Clint Arlis, 27.

ABC used soundbites in which the two professed their love for one another and Clint even mentioned that the two grew “very close to each other in the shower.”

The promo, titled “Brokeback Bachelor” is simply that though, as TMZ reports that JJ and Clint were both in on the joke and “just think it’s funny.”

The two even provided some sound bites for the clip.

“It’s absolutely insane,” Clint says in the teaser. “I never thought that I’d meet somebody like that. Falling in love with a man never crossed my mind.”

“We’ve gotten very close in the shower,” Clint adds.

The two men are not gay though, and it was all part of getting people talking on social media. In fact, Clint even posted a shot of Heath Ledger on his Twitter page, writing, “If you have to be a #BROKEBACKBACHELOR, Be Heath Ledger. Always be #HeathLedger.”

Kaitlyn Bristowe

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