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Posted on 06 Nov 2015 at 4:30pm

'General Hospital' star Billy Miller

“General Hospital” spoilers for Friday’s show tease that fans will finally get the reveal they have waited all year to see: Jake Doe is really Jason Morgan. Some in Port Charles have known this for months now, but Carly is the one who will finally spill the beans and break this wide open. What’s slated to happen on the November 6 episode?

As She Knows Soaps details, Friday’s show is all about the Jake/Jason secret. Everybody has been dancing around this topic for quite some time, but will anybody finally confess the truth to the man at the center of the talk before he walks down the aisle to marry Liz? Apparently, the answer is no.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, there are still some obstacles to overcome in this Jason Morgan reveal. Carly has the DNA report proving the truth, but Kiki’s drunk driving set the stage for Carly to be injured and missing. Jake has been scrambling to find her, and he did at the end of Thursday’s episode. 

It will take some convincing, but “General Hospital” spoilers detail that Carly does convince Jake to embrace the truth: he is Jason. The two will head back to the church as Liz waits to marry Jake. Viewers have seen in the previews that Jake will make the stunning announcement to everybody in attendance and chaos erupts.

Apparently Elizabeth’s knowledge of this big secret will stay hidden from Jason for now. Surely somebody will spill the beans at some point, but for now Jason’s rage will be directly squarely toward Nikolas. In addition, viewers will see Hayden tell Patrick that she’s regaining quite a bit of her memory and this could get interesting.

Also ahead on Friday’s show, there’s more drama on the way regarding Ava, Sonny and the custody battle over Avery. Ric has pulled some strings to move up the court hearing and Ava has made it clear she’s furious. Sonny may have Ric helping him, but Ava has both Scotty and Paul behind her and this will be a fierce battle.

It has taken nearly a year for this big secret to be revealed and fans are ready for action. What comes next after Jake Doe realizes he’s really Jason Morgan? Fans will surely be left hanging on Friday’s show, but “General Hospital” spoilers tease that the wait for Monday’s fireworks will surely be worth it. 

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