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Posted on 19 Feb 2015 at 7:31pm

Grey's Anatomy

Last time we saw Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) she was trolling the hospital looking for anyone—except “hoodlum” Jo—to pawn her kids off on. So she could go to D.C. and have “emergency sex” with Derek. Judging by “Grey’s Anatomy’s” preview clip below those plans changed somehow.

Maggie, who happily volunteered to babysit, gently tells Meredith she knows she wasn’t with Derek (Patrick Dempsey) because he called her several times asking for her whereabouts. Maggie makes it clear to Mer she’s in a no-judgment zone over the sexy lingerie she packed for the actual “he, she or they” she was going to. But, secret’s out; it wasn’t Derek.

Here are five theories on where Meredith really went.

Danced It Out With Cristina

If she wasn’t with Derek, the next obvious answer is Cristina (Sandra Oh). She admitted to Owen she wasn’t keeping regular FaceTime appointments with her “person.” And judging by how awful Alex is at being her newbie, she may have needed a dose of the real thing.

Camped Out in Derek’s TrailerAlone

Remember Derek’s trailer? I bet Meredith does. As a single mom, I’m sure she fantasized about the eight hours of sleep she’d get in it. Or just experimenting with being alone. As Amelia so happily pointed out in an earlier episode, Meredith isn’t good being alone. Think about it, she always had Cristina and Derek sandwiched in between her. The getaway could test if she could handle solitude.

Visited Her Dad

Perhaps Meredith was more affected by April and Jackson’s baby loss then she let on. Granted, she had no scenes with either of them and didn’t even light a candle in the chapel. Yet, it could have triggered her miscarriage a few seasons ago. And made her think about Lexie’s death and its effect on their dad. Okay, yes, they don’t have a perfect relationship and right now he’s spending a lot of time in Washington. But, he is the only family she’s got, if you rule out her hospital clan.

Medical Exam

Meredith could have got a brain scan to check to see if she has early on-set Alzheimer’s. Given that there is zero privacy at Grey Sloan Memorial, she may’ve wanted to do the procedure somewhere else. Where no one would be emotional about her good or bad diagnosis. And her mother’s past has been playing a major role on Meredith’s future path. Those could be breadcrumbs for this storyline.

Almost Went to D.C.

Meredith was going to go to D.C., but got cold feet at the last minute. Because then she would have to admit how much her lifestyle has changed. Yes, she pushed Derek to go in a nice way, but she still hasn’t come to terms with their new reality of hopping on planes for “emergency sex.” So, she freaks out and stays home ducking and dodging Derek’s calls.

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