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Posted on 10 Nov 2015 at 7:30pm

Homeland Saul Dar

Previously – Quinn was in a bad way until he was picked up by a mysterious stranger. Allison was revealed to be behind the attempts on Carrie’s life. Carrie sought out Saul for a look at the hacked CIA documents.

Did anyone else have their heart broken when Saul basically told Carrie to eff off and die (in this case it would be literally)? No one does the ugly cry like Claire Danes. Her Gollum-face kills me, and Saul was so mean to her crazy ass! It was like losing a father all over again. Gee, Saul – maybe you shouldn’t have gone against everything you taught your protege by snuggling up with Haqqani last season? Why am I this into a tv show? That’s a question for my therapist.

Let’s take this week’s recap on a character by character basis. 

Quinn is alive. The mysterious stranger who rescued him, Hussein, is an expatriate doctor who now manages a rundown apartment building. It doubles as a refugee hideout for jihadists. Hussein’s a good dude, though, and nurses Quinn back to health. Unfortunately, the publishing of the CIA document concerning the US surveilling the Germans has resulted in several criminal cases being thrown out. Fearsome Hajik is one of the criminals released. He promptly meets up with his buds at the apartment complex, and they immediately begin planning a major terrorist action there in Berlin. They’re looking to shed some blood. 

Quinn happens to be emptying his pee bottle in the bathroom (ew, did they really have to show him pouring it out and everything?) and overhears the planning through a convenient vent. Convenient plot vents work both ways, and Hajik & Co. realize Quinn was eavesdropping. This is why you let the nurse empty your piss. When shadowy scare master Hajik asks what’s up, Quinn reveals he’s been to Syria and knows the score. He also insinuates that Hajik is too cowardly to actually go back to Syria to fight. *punch*  When Quinn tries to leave, Hajik produces a knife and threatens to use it to do something awful to Quinn’s junk. Well, he messed with the wrong close-to-death CIA agent. Quinn kills his ass dead with a jab to the throat. It’s like the Wicked Witch died. Did they just put Quinn in charge? 

Saul Otto

Saul’s situation is headed downhill and picking up speed. It’s all because he is SUCH a dickus to Carrie when she comes to him begging for help. Give you classified documents? Hit the road, honey! He even refers to them having a “wall” between them and he wants her to stay on her side. Bye, Felicia, where’s my taxi? Later, Saul becomes increasingly paranoid after realizing there are agents tailing him. Allison admits that Dar ordered it. Dar and Saul have a fantastic stand-off in which Saul tells him to stop with the “f**kwit answers” and Dar responds with how sick he is of Saul’s “bad judgement” and “bulls**t”, Yes, CIA verbal knife fight! 

Saul thinks that Dar is obsessing over a mistake Saul made years ago involving Israeli’s intelligence. Dar’s forcing him to take a polygraph. Saul is full-blown paranoid now and beats up a hotel chambermaid’s cart looking for bugs. He’s not getting any extra towels any time soon. Saul believes that the Russians are trying to kill Carrie now. The CIA is basically closing itself off to him, but he manages to tricksy the hacked documents out on a thumb drive because he’s Saul and he’s not just badass because of his beard. Saul goes to Otto Düring and expresses regrets that he didn’t trust Carrie at first. Agents show up and search them both. Luckily Saul hid the USB stick in the coatroom in Otto’s pocket. See – tricksy! By the way, Otto Düring is the Big Bad, right? He’s just too nice, competent, and calm. He has to be an evil psychopath bent on world domination, right?

Carrie’s left with no one. Saul told her to take a hike and now Jonas is leaving her. When she returns to the hideout (20 hours later, Jonas notes), Jonas is packing and leaving. Carrie protests that she can’t leave, it’s too dangerous, the documents, etc. Jonas has had enough of the DAMN DOCUMENTS. He is really sick of those documents. He wants Carrie to call the authorities. In Carrie’s defense, uh, WHAT authorities are going to be able to protect her, Jonas?  He leaves.

The only person Carrie has left to turn to (of course there’s one more) is Otto Düring. She approaches him all bewigged and stealthy in his parking garage. Please note that this before his encounter with paranoid Saul. She explains how she’s a difficult person who ruins lives (Saul, Quinn, her daughter’s, etc.) and she needs a plane to fly far, far away. This is kind of a drama queen plan, but at least she’ll live longer. She wants 12 hours of fuel and no questions. Uh, the pilot will have to know the destination, Carrie. Oh, yeah, right. She goes back to the brownstone she shared with Jonas and watches him cooking for awhile, then leaves. But before she can board her getaway plane, Düring is there. He’s got a package for her. It’s from Saul. “He said you’ll know what to do with it,” Düring explains. AWWWW. She got her documents. All she had to do was try and fly to Fresno or wherever. 

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