Kim Kardashian Breaks Out The Bike Shorts Again, Bike Nowhere To Be Found0 Comments

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Posted on 31 Aug 2016 at 10:49am

Kim Kardashian remains committed to bringing spandex bike shorts back. Like, as part of an outfit, not just in the gym. In June, she reintroduced us to the ’90s staple. Then she started selling them in her KIMOJI merch line. Now, she’s showing us how versatile they are.

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Yesterday Kim emerged in New York, wearing the shorts with a leather bustier, a very long silk jacket, and a pair of fur slides. You can decide which element screams “I’m definitely not headed to the gym!” the most.

Reports indicate that no one — not even one of her sisters — has followed Kim’s lead on bike shorts yet. But maybe this reminder will encourage them to try it out.


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