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Is this “Mad Men” or “Blue Velvet”? This next to last episode entitled ‘The Milk And Honey Route’ (any route taken which has a promise of better things to come) features only Don, Pete and Betty (plus some family members).

It begins with a mind game: Don is driving at night and gets pulled over. The state trooper raps on the window and says, “You knew we’d catch up with you eventually.” Then Don wakes up in a seedy hotel room.

He talks to Sally on the phone and all seems well. They swap stories of their travel plans: he tells her of his post-Kansas sojourn; soon she will be off to Spain.

Then it’s Jack Kerouac time again: Don’s back on the road…until the car breaks down in Oklahoma. The tow gives him a lift to a remote motel. The owners are friendly and a young handyman/hustler, Andy, gives him books and fetches him booze. It’s a “Twilight Zone” version of Mayberry.

Another mind game: He goes for a swim in the motel’s pool and sees a beautiful woman. My first thought was: What is she doing there? She belongs lounging beside a pool at the Beverly Hills Hotel. He’s thinking of making a move, but then her dumpy husband shouts, “There she is,” and her brood comes running toward her with their floaties and toys.

Don dives into the other end of the water.

Andy returns with his bottle, and the kid cons him out of another ten dollars – for his trouble.

Next, the TV goes on the fritz and Don goes out to complain to the owner’s wife; he ends up fixing her typewriter. Grateful and impressed, she jumps the gun on her husband’s invite and asks her guest to go drinking Saturday night down at the VA club with her man and the other vets.

Meanwhile, Betty is at college and faints on the way to class. Some students take her to the hospital and tell the nurse her name is “Mrs. Robinson” (the character from The Graduate”) as a joke because even though she’s still beautiful, she’s also older than the rest of them.

X-rays reveal it’s more than a broken rib though, and Henry is called. The cancer is back. The doctor gives her nine months to a year. Henry runs around getting second opinions and exploring all the options available, while Betty moves through life like a zombie and refuses to discuss treatment. Henry is very distressed by her fatalistic attitude.

In the only scene that happens at McCann, Pete meets the once-refined-now-loony (and drunk) Duck Phillips in the elevator. The ad exec-turned-headhunter is there to help Jim Hobart replace Don, who has left his position and millions behind. Before going to his meeting, Duck corners Pete to ask for help in landing a big account.


Duck wants to recruit for Learjet, a Wichita, Kansas-based company that owns private jets, which are hired by CEOs and movie stars. The particular job he wants a contract to fill is for the head of marketing.

Duck says he needs Pete to take the company president, Mike, out to dinner to talk up Duck as the man to handle his headhunting duties. Pete agrees, but by dessert, it’s clear that Duck has tricked him into a job interview. Mike is interested in Pete, but the feeling is not mutual. (The NYC guy in middle America? Without his bankroll from McCann because he broke his contract? Oh Duck, stop it.)

But Duck won’t take no for an answer. He sets up another dinner for Pete, Mike and their wives. On a lark, Pete asks Trudy, who refuses to go. She is still wary of her ex-husband. Well, he doesn’t want the job anyway. He’s only participating in this charade to help Duck, who says Mike is also courting someone else. 

Pete blows off the dinner and sees his brother for career counseling. “How do you know when something’s really an opportunity?” he wants to know. Even though his brother was not that helpful, Pete helps him by talking him out of cheating on his wife; something Pete now regrets doing himself.

Later, Duck tracks down Pete to boast that he’s negotiated quite a deal: Mike will give Pete a company car, access to the private planes and stock options. Plus, Jim Hobart will let Pete out of his contact — without any loss of revenue — in exchange for introductions to the high profile CEOs who fly Learjet.

Pete takes the offer seriously and goes to beg Trudy to move to Wichita with him. At first, she thinks he’s crazy, but warms to the idea of starting over as a family.

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