Midnight Drift (Stop Motion, Model Cars) – Video Art Class Project25 Comments

By admin
Posted on 27 Feb 2015 at 5:31pm

This is the first stop motion video I’ve ever made.
Story: The guy who is a racing game fan went to sleep after finishing his video game. At midnight, model cars in the living room became alive and started their own racing.
Music made with Garageband.
Video edited with Adobe Premiere CS6.
Photos taken with Nikon D90 and GoPro Hero2
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. JaceDoesMinecraft

    nice music I also use garage band

  2. Blake Harper

    I’ll give this 9 1/2 stars

  3. Ninja5640

    The sounds were a bit repeditive…. But that is amazing for your first

  4. mithun kumar

    Great Video !! Really loved it !! I am planning to do a toy car video this
    would really help !!! Would be nice if you can share some TIPS on the stop
    motion video part because the cello tape one at 0:33 is really good !!!
    Thanking in advance !!!

  5. Mario Carrasco

    Zxdssd c

  6. rocketteam01

    Like for Nescafé Clásico

  7. AC Stop Motions

    really nice man. I hope my stop motion racing videos would be viewed much
    more like yours

  8. ejsarkar

    Cool how the steering wheel in the red Mustang moved

  9. Scott Elliott

    That was awsome man good work

  10. Ivan Aros

    What app do you use to edit? 

  11. Zamen Elkins

    That was awesome 

  12. JC Ndoci

    Epic video man, I hope you don’t mind me asking but what brand are those

  13. Swifty Chan

    thats amazing ;w;

  14. Max Timoney

    Nicely done

  15. Danny Stephano

    Nice car!

  16. Italo yaya benites


  17. Jack Strait

    And nice video! Though I suggest maybe higher framerate and a nicer

  18. Hans Choe

    nice work… i’m planning to shoot some stop motion with similar scale
    models. what frames/sec did you shoot this one with?

  19. bigfoot150765

    Very nice!

  20. Wolfgang Van Rosan


  21. thomas davis

    I have that model

  22. Chesterflaps


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