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Posted on 07 Feb 2015 at 10:31am

Transporter: The Series

Our favorite new ride is about to make a pit stop, as Transporter: The Series will wrap up its second season tomorrow with two back-to-back episodes starting at 9 PM ET/PT on TNT.

In the four months since it premiered, Transporter has given us a collection of great moments – from jaw-dropping car chases to breathtaking fight scenes and heartbreaking character scenes. There really is no other show quite like this on television. So in honor of a job well done, here are our favorite moments from Transporter so far.

SPOILER ALERT – This list contains selections from both seasons of Transporter: The Series, in the order that they aired in the US. If you’re not caught up, spoilers are ahead.

Frank destroys a motel bathroom (from “Dead Drop”)

While trying to protect his former CIA instructor Jack Perkins, Frank stops at a motel in order to draw out the agents that are on their tail. He goes into a room and pulls the old “pretend to be in the shower” trick, which is the only thing that’s rote about this whole scene.

What follows is the TV equivalent of James Bond’s bathroom brawl from Casino Royale, in which Frank lays waste to the bathroom – and a nearby wall – while dispatching the two operatives, then calmly walks out as if this is normal. For him, it probably is. For us, it’s completely unabashed fun.

A hockey game and a fight breaks out (from “Hot Ice”)

One of the many positives of Transporter is that it has a sense of humor. That was especially apparent in “Hot Ice,” which took advantage of the show’s being shot in Canada to do an episode that managed to combine the vicious blood diamond trade with a hockey game…and pulled it off with a certain self-deprecating charm.

Frank initially has to rescue his ally of the week, security guard Darcy Daniels (a great Katheryn Winnick), by making use of a hockey goalie’s stick to dispatch the thugs holding her. He then makes his way through the stadium to fight a corrupt businessman literally on the ice as the crowd understandably isn’t phased by this at all. It’s hilarious because it knows it doesn’t have to try and be funny – it already is.

Frank loses a colleague (from “Sharks”)

Unlike a lot of action-oriented projects, when you peel back the fight scenes, there’s some serious acting going on in Transporter. Chris Vance has had several opportunities over the series to show off his acting chops, and one of the biggest was from this episode in which Frank finds himself driving against fellow transporter – and old friend – Pete O’Bannon. Pete is wounded along the way, and Frank catches up to him just in time to realize he can’t be saved.

From the beginning, it’s obvious that Pete isn’t going to make it through the episode; that’s not the surprise. The surprise is watching how sincerely Vance plays it, so well that you find yourself as affected as Frank is. The palpable emotion in the scene reminds us that Frank Martin is more than another tough guy – he’s a fully developed person, played by an actor who can flesh him out beautifully.

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