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Posted on 07 Oct 2016 at 4:49am

I think Harry Styles is trying to kill us.

He’d barely given us time to recover from seeing his slew of Another Man Magazine photos, and now Hazza’s sent us into another tailspin by stepping out like this (with his sister Gemma, no less):

Dave Benett/Getty Images

On Thursday night (October 6), Harry co-hosted a party in London celebrating his Another Man slayage, and he showed up wearing a sleek black suit, an open white shirt, and a loose skinny tie. Also of note is his immaculately coiffed hair, but wait… what’s that we see? Is that… nail polish??!?

Oh, yes it is.

Getty Images

Needless to say, everyone is shaken up by this new development, and reacted accordingly.

So, yeah… Harry Styles is now a man who paints his nails jet black. Life will never be the same. Here’s one more pic for the road, because you deserve it.

Getty Images


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