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Posted on 09 May 2015 at 4:30am

Supernatural - Dark Dynasty

Like the Winchesters, “Supernatural” has built its legacy on the horror stories, tragedies and the resulting tears. “Dark Dynasty” is yet another example of how growing attached to their colorful characters can be detrimental to your blood pressure and why the Winchesters’ theme song should be “All Our Friends Are Dead,” instead of “Carry On My Wayward Son.” 

Despite the devasting ending, it was entertaining business as usual with “Supernatural.”  Grab your favorite pair of neck bolts, and let’s dive in, shall we?

Super-Avengers Assemble?  | Sam (Jared Padalecki) is burning the candle at both ends by juggling his hunting duties and with his secret mission to save Dean.  Though he has to be a big scary hunter to intimidate Rowena (Ruth Connell) into translating the codex faster, his job basically consists of yelling at Rowena, and eventually Charlie, like an aggravated father grounding his teenagers. No witchcraft!  No revenger murders for you!  When Dean (Jensen Ackles) insists on taking a case that involves eyeballs and melonballers, Sam has to call Castiel (Misha Collins) in to supervise a bickering Rowena and Charlie.  

If anyone ever doubted Sam’s devotion to his brother, they cannot any longer.  He has assembled a team of a rogue angel, a powerful witch, and a genius hacker to help save his brother from demondom.  They prove their commitment to the task by taking the “For Dean” pledge.  Except for Rowena, of course.  “I barely know the man.”  Two out of three, ain’t bad, right? 

Monster of the Week Season 11 | This week’s case quickly spirals into a massive discovery to “Supernatural” mythology that may spill over into next season.  Even with Sam slipping away take Castiel’s frequent and extremely conspicuous phone calls, it doesn’t take the veteran monster hunters long to figure out that they are dealing with the Styne family—the same super-human, hard-to-kill nasties that had tracked Charlie throughout Europe after she located the “Book Of The Damned,” and had attacked them in the episode of the same name.  These villains, with steely blue eyes and rather delicate builds, are a just a few members of a sprawling cold-hearted clan that has a penchant for collecting body parts, much like the disturbing, immortal Doc Benton in Season 3’s “Time Is On My Side.” 

When Dean bags Eldon, and takes to the dungeon for questioning, the gabby Styne reveals his true lineage, and it is epic!  Say it with me everyone:  FRANKENSTEIN!   Just when you thought “Supernatural” had already picked the bones of science fiction and classic horror clean, they dredge up a creepy classic and remix it into something even more deliciously evil and appropriately modern.

Mary Shelley was a family friend of The Frankensteins.  She discovered their secrets and wrote a book about them, forcing the family to change their names and go underground.  They are profiteers of doom, having a hand in everything from the 100 Years War to terrorist attacks, and the “Book Of The Damned” may be a way to manufacture such disasters.  If the Stynes benefit from mayhem, they must have just received a windfall in the last two years!  

To add fuel to the fire, Eldon Styne reveals that the book cannot be destroyed.  Dean, who has noticed Sam’s disappearances and secret phones, suddenly realizes exactly what his brother has been doing behind his back.

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