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Posted on 01 Feb 2015 at 11:08pm

So, was it just me, or did America’s ad people conspire to make everyone cry last night? The Super Bowl commercials tugged at my heartstrings until they were feeble and tired. I cried about life. I cried about America. I swear, I almost didn’t make it through that Nissan commercial with the racecar dad and the kid and the cat’s in the cradle and the silver spoon, etc. The only thing that bothered me in that spot was the mom, whom appeared not to age as the men did, and whom seemed generally surprised by and not in control of her life situation for 14 years straight or however much time was supposed to have passed.

But while she might have been a little annoying, there were plenty of cool commercial “leads” who helped make this round of Super Bowl breaks the most female-driven I can remember. Here are the best and the buzziest:

Best self-effacing moment: Kim Kardashian

As evidenced by the fact that she’s putting out an actual bound book of them, no one takes her selfies more seriously than Kardashian. However, she dropped the duckface long enough to poke fun at her social media habits in T-Mobile’s “Data Stash” ad. Side note: Was anyone else distracted by her outfit? I thought her bandeau top looked like a censor bar.

Most heartening: Always’ “Like a Girl

In which Always proves that the pejorative quality that phrase has always been saddled with is fading in the minds of the next generation. Super refreshing.

Best preview: Pitch Perfect 2

Yes, this one skewed heavily in favor of an apparent cameo by the Packers, but we still learned something highly exciting: “Before He Cheats” will feature prominently in Anna Kendrick’s acappella sequel repertoire.

Biggest energy jolt: Amy Purdy in Toyota’s Camry ad

I have no idea what a Camry has to do with any of this, but the car is officially now cooler for its proximity to paralympian Purdy, who tore up this spot (to the sound of a Muhammad Ali monologue, no less).

Most delightful duo: Sarah Silverman and Chelsea Handler

Hi! What are you guys doing here? Starring in a wacky T-Mobile spot where you one-up each other from imaginary Richie Rich mansions? I’m good with that. Especially the part where Silverman deadpans, “I’m sorry, it’s a boy.”

Best sneaky subversion: Mindy Kaling’s “Invisible” Nationwide spot

Yeah, it was a hilarious surprise when she tried to kiss a handsomely startled Matt Damon. But don’t miss the subtle premise of Kaling’s script, which was written by Kaling and Mindy Project staff: She’s been treated as a non-entity many times in her life, presumably as a woman/non-white woman.

Most priceless vintage clip: Katie Couric and Greg Gumbel discussing the Internet

I bow down to whatever BMW brain came up with this idea; I could watch ‘90s Couric and Gumbel being befuddled by the concept of e-mail all day long. (I want to know who the real Alison is! Alison, reveal yourself!) Points off for a stale reference to twerking, but otherwise: perfect.

Most moving: The NFL’s domestic violence spot

This can’t-talk 911 call made the hairs on my arms stand up. Truly sobering, truly terrifying, and impossible to forget.

Most unexpected appearance: Lindsay Lohan

I had no idea Lohan was starring in an e-surance ad. But I eagerly await Vanity Fair’s 3000 word piece on The Real Story Behind Lindsay Lohan’s E-Surance Ad: She Was Late! She Was Out of It! She Didn’t Even Know What E-Surance Was!

Best reunion: The Budweiser puppy and horse

But jeez, that setup was a little harrowing, wasn’t it? Did a wolf have to be involved?

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