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Posted on 28 Feb 2015 at 5:13pm

Justin Bieber meets fans at West Coast Customs Empire Takeover Auto Show Los Angeles 12/07/2014 © WENN 

After years of both success and youthful excess, Justin Bieber seems poised to make a massive comeback in 2015.  Even though Bieber hasn’t been in the limelight for his music over the past couple of years, he has definitely found ways to keep himself in the eyes of the media, skeptics, and ‘Beliebers’ alike.  As easy as it is to point to the pop star’s shortcomings, there is also a case ‘for’ the him as well  (yep, that’s totally a scary notion).  Here is the case “for” and “against” Justin Bieber.  

1) ForThe time Justin Bieber bought dinner for the NYPD.

Justin Bieber arrives in Toronto Los Angeles 08/28/2014 © WENN

Progress forward Justin – progress forward.  After several years of head shakable behavior – and of course some good laughs at his expense – Justin Bieber did something nice – he bought the NYPD dinner. Yeah, maybe it’s calculated pitch perfectly, but why overthink it – Bieber was being kind, AWWW! 

2) Against: When he turned 17 and “flipped the bird” to the paparazzi with Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez return to Bieber's customized Mercedes-Benz van after a romantic movie date in LA Los Angeles 05/27/2012 © Miguel Aguilar/Bruja,

It was nothing short of classic – the day Justin Bieber flipped the bird to paparazziCall this the beginning of the pop star’s poor choices in the limelight.  Haters and media members alike got one of their first horselaughs at the teen pop star.  Yeah, Bieber was then a kid who made a dumb move, but with a faction of haters already against him, PR fumbles like this one gave the media fuel for the fire


3) Against The time he told the paparazzi “I’ll f**king beat the f**k out you.” 

JB hasn’t always been a friend of the paparazzi.  Yes, he needs them to propel his promotional agenda good or bad, but on this particular occasion, he was not playing. The whole incident further adds to the hilarity at the expense of a youthful celebrity – be it wrong or not.  But admit, can you deny laughing when Bieber gets all pumped up and has to be restrained while threatening, “I’ll f**king beat the f**k out you.” 

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