Vanessa Hudgens Wants To Know What The ‘Mom’ And ‘Dad’ Comments Are All About0 Comments

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Posted on 15 Nov 2015 at 12:50pm

The internet is weird, guys. Like, really, really weird. More times than not, I end up thinking to myself, “That’s enough internet for today,” usually after seeing something cringeworthy on Twitter.

One of the popular trends today is people commenting on celebs’ Twitter or Instagram posts with “Mom” or “Dad.” It’s been around for awhile, but it seemed to happen overnight. It’s particularly creepy when the celeb receiving the comments is a teenager, such as Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter from “Girl Meets World.” I’m sorry, but if you’re 14 and the celeb is 14, how in the world can she be your mom? Calling her “Twin” makes more sense.

On Friday, Vanessa Hudgens took to Twitter to ask the real, hard-hitting question everyone over 18 would like to know.

The responses were, um, interesting.

  • Some gave a simple, straightforward answer.

  • Others explained it was all about the goals.

  • And a few shared it was to take the celeb/fan relationship to the next level.

Hudgens seemed to appreciate the answers and tweeted out a quick message to her fans.

Like Hudgens, other celebs are being straight-up champs about the Mom/Dad trend. Blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus is definitely a prime example. For starters, he changed his Twitter name to “Dad.” And of course, there’s this classic tweet.

But, how did this insanely weird thing even get started? MTV News jokingly claimed the TV show “Friends” started it, but according to an old Ask Reddit thread, it actually began with Lorde calling Kim Kardashian “Mom” after seeing her “Break the Internet” picture.

One commenter on the thread pointed out Lorde publicly addressed her comment on Tumblr, and Lorde explained Kardashian understood what she meant.

Although it’s pretty weird, calling someone “Mom” or “Dad” isn’t harming anyone. However, I’ve noticed several people begging celebs to choke them or do X-rated things to them. First of all, WHY? Second of all, NO.

On Thursday, “How to Get Away with Murderstar Matt McGorry shared a hot AF pic of his ripped arms, and several of the comments were simply, “Choke me.”

Corey Kindberg, a social media specialist at Cipriani, retweeted McGorry’s muscular pic, adding “Choke me” to it. In true, hilarious McGorry fashion, he retweeted Kindberg, adding his own commentary on the subject.

So, are we to expect this creepy Twitter trend to continue? Probably. People still leave explicit tweets on various celebs’ profiles, including Cole Sprouse.

Maybe just a word to the wise: What you write on the internet is there forever, so, you know, just keep that in mind.

I’m still upset I wasn’t a contestant on Figure It Out in the ’90s.



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